Has decking gone out of fashion?

Here at Ryland Horticulture Ltd. York Landscapers, we have designed and built a number of timber decks. As late this area of landscaping appears to have waned! Fashion has always influenced landscape gardening works. From crazy paving in the 70’s, Marshall’s Heritage paving in the 90’s and now to ceramic paving and artificial turf. Sustainability, biodiversity and ecology are the current themes. Minimizing the impact on the planet by using eco-friendly materials and re-cycling. Planting to lock carbon into the soil is also a modern idea. Looking at the current round of Chelsea garden designs, going back to natural planting ie. weeds! appears to be in vogue. For years we have many hours grubbing out hedges, infilling ponds & pulling out weeds, just to put them all back in again!

Below is a series of pictures showing a decked area we constructed for a customer. It was a nice area, well used by the client, with views down to the river. With using good quality materials and treated timber, you will get a long lifespan for your money and with good maintenance this can be prolonged. So still consider decking, even though it may have moved out of fashion. Watch for the comeback!!

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