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Tree Surgeons

Our team of expert tree surgeons are proficient in a wide range of procedures, from routine tasks to complex operations. Both the extensive technical knowledge and use of modern climbing and arboricultural equipment allows us to undertake all necessary tree surgery operations, be it maintenance or complete removal. 

Our tree surgeons have a background in difficult surgery procedures such as dismantling dangerous trees in confined areas. 
Other work includes crown cleaning and reduction to remove upper parts of the tree, formative pruning, and crown thinning. We service both commercial and residential customers in the York and surrounding areas. 

For tree landscape installations, our tree surgeons and landscape experts collaborate to design, supply and install a beautiful and healthy arboreal environment.

All arboricultural and tree surgery works are undertaken in accordance with BS 3998:2010 recommendations and current research and developments in tree health and maintenance.

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Tree Surgeon climbing up and operating on a tree in York

We offer the following services

Commercial Tree Surgery & Maintenance Plans

Ryland Horticulture Ltd provides commercial tree services to property management companies, developers, landscapers, schools, colleges, housing providers and other businesses throughout York and surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to helping you make the best of your organisation’s premises with our expert tree surgeons.

Ongoing Tree Surgery

Want to keep your trees and hedges looking beautiful year after year? We can build a customised maintenance plan together to ensure your trees live a long and healthy life. Speak with our knowledgeable team of tree surgeons about how to maintain your trees going forward.

Some of our contracted tree surgery work

Ryland's aim is to promote a better understanding of trees, their problems and proper future care. You can be assured we will not only keep the trees around your property maintained to the current highest standards, but will make sure they are safe to protect people and property.

Tree Work Recommendations: BS 3998:2010

Our arboricultural and tree surgery services are undertaken in accordance with current research and developments on tree health and maintenance.

These standards cover all aspects of work undertaken on trees. These recommendations are chiefly to protect the client and inform them about the processes any tree work entails. This starts with the assessment and inspection phases before work takes place, covering all detailed operations. Such operations include pruning, treatment of wounds, and crown management.

BS 3998:2010 is a full revision of the previous 1989 standard. Updates and expansions on the previous standard include changes in legal and working practices concerning established trees. This accordingly accounts for underlying issues such as tree longevity, value for local amenity, landscape, biodiversity, and heritage.