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Ancient, veteran and other definitions

What do we mean by ancient?
Think of an ancient tree and words that might come to mind are gnarled, knobbly, huge, bent and hollow. These sorts of characteristics are just as important as the actual age of the tree, but the term ancient is applied specifically to trees that are ancient in years. Ancient trees are those which have reached a great age in comparison with others of the same species.

How old is an ancient tree?
The exact age at which you’d call a tree ancient depends on the species of tree and other factors including the type of site where it’s growing.  A birch tree could be considered as ancient at 150 years old, for example, but an oak tree would not be thought of as ancient until it’s at least 400 years old. Yew trees can live for thousands of years, so are not defined as ancient until they are 800 years old. It is often difficult to estimate how old an ancient tree is, but one method that is used, alongside considering the ancient characteristics, is to measure the girth of the trunk (see further information below).

What does an ancient tree look like?
Characteristics of an ancient tree depend on the species, and on factors such as the site and conditions under which they have grown.  However, they have three key features:

  • A low, fat and squat shape – because the crown has retrenched (reduced in size) through age
  • A wide trunk compared with others of the same species
  • Hollowing of the trunk (not always visible)

What is a veteran tree?
Unlike an ancient tree, a veteran tree can be any age, but it is a tree which shows ancient characteristics such as those above. These may not just be due to age, but could result from natural damage, management, or the tree’s environment. Ancient trees are all veterans, but not all veterans are ancient.

What is a heritage tree?
A heritage tree is one that is part of our history and culture, and can be connected with specific historic events or people, such as the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest or the Tolpuddle Martyr’s Tree in Dorset. Other heritage trees may simply have particular appeal because of their appearance, landscape character or architectural setting, and have therefore become well-known landmarks in their local communities. There are also heritage trees such as the Thorpeness Apple, which are valued for their great botanical interest, for example as rare native trees or cultivars of historic interest.

What is a notable tree?
The term notable tree usually refers to a tree which is significant locally, because it is special or particularly large compared with the trees around it. Notable trees are usually mature, but not always; Wellingtonias for example, can appear to be huge even when quite young.

What are champion trees?
A champion tree is one which is the tallest, or has the widest girth, of its kind in a specific area.

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Has decking gone out of fashion?

Here at Ryland Horticulture Ltd. York Landscapers, we have designed and built a number of timber decks. As late this area of landscaping appears to have waned! Fashion has always influenced landscape gardening works. From crazy paving in the 70’s, Marshall’s Heritage paving in the 90’s and now to ceramic paving and artificial turf. Sustainability, biodiversity and ecology are the current themes. Minimizing the impact on the planet by using eco-friendly materials and re-cycling. Planting to lock carbon into the soil is also a modern idea. Looking at the current round of Chelsea garden designs, going back to natural planting ie. weeds! appears to be in vogue. For years we have many hours grubbing out hedges, infilling ponds & pulling out weeds, just to put them all back in again!

Below is a series of pictures showing a decked area we constructed for a customer. It was a nice area, well used by the client, with views down to the river. With using good quality materials and treated timber, you will get a long lifespan for your money and with good maintenance this can be prolonged. So still consider decking, even though it may have moved out of fashion. Watch for the comeback!!

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Design & Build Decking area at Leeds.

Ryland Horticulture Ltd. York Landscapers.

Landscape architect designed rear garden area, built by Ryland Horticulture Ltd. at Leeds.

A sloping site, down to a wooded area. Limited access and a complex build. A decked upper area with steps leading down onto a grassed area, with a fire pit garden feature. Under deck planting to give a very natural feel. Galvanized planters placed onto the decking to give some screening from the neighbours. A private garden area which was pretty much unusable, turned into a fabulous garden with major features and a pleasure to be enjoyed.

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How Ryland Horticulture Ltd. works as landscapers….

This is one of our many past landscape schemes, designed by a landscape architect and built by Ryland Landscapers York.

A total garden overhaul, with new paving, terracing and borders. From a bland and difficult garden to maintain to a new garden with terracing, premium quality hand made clay paving and walling and magnificent border areas ready to be planted by the customer. The initial site survey highlighted problems with the slope of the site, water run off and poor drainage which flooded in heavy rain. The mature Yew tree on site was to be made more of a feature tree for summer shade.

This contract was many weeks of work by a team of four skilled and qualified landscapers, with many years experience. Constant communications took place with the customer and landscape architect as the works progressed. The site was cleared and the ground works put in place. There was many weeks of works that wouldn’t ever be seen, yet was the foundations to a successful scheme. Concrete footings were laid for the walling, stone sub bases for the paving, drainage systems incorporated to move water off the terraced area. All which were eventually hidden from view!

Once these were in place the Rylands team could move onto the construction of the timber terracing and pathways, brick walling and paved areas. The excited customers were keen to see the finished result as work progressed and the garden started to take shape.

The soil was a heavy loam so additives were incorporated in the form of composted wood chip and long life fertilizers to give the planting a good initial start. The border soiling was completed before the finished surfaces were laid on the paths, keeping any mess to a minimum. As the Rylands team worked out of the garden areas, keeping the newly laid areas free from foot traffic, turf was laid and any finishing touched undertaken to leave the newly landscaped garden a joy for the customers to behold. The Rylands Landscapers York team, left the scheme with a wave and a goodbye and the customers smiling faces.

Landscape Planting By Rylands Horticulture Ltd

Landscape planting by Ryland Horticulture Ltd. Yorks No1 Landscapers.
Trees, Shrubs, Herbaceous, Grasses, Bulbs & Aquatics.

Ryland Horticulture Ltd. Landscapers, York offers the supply and planting of all manner of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. This also includes grasses, ferns, bulbs and aquatics. Supplied by local nurserymen, with known provenance and of the highest quality, Rylands Ltd. plant to the highest of current landscape standards and best practice. Using certified nursery stock, any plant losses are usually replaced free of any further charge, as we want successful landscape schemes and happy customers, who can enjoy watching their plants mature.

Here are a few examples of our past completed planting schemes, from initial planting to fruition.

Some of our landscape planting work