How Ryland Horticulture Ltd. works as landscapers….

This is one of our many past landscape schemes, designed by a landscape architect and built by Ryland Landscapers York.

A total garden overhaul, with new paving, terracing and borders. From a bland and difficult garden to maintain to a new garden with terracing, premium quality hand made clay paving and walling and magnificent border areas ready to be planted by the customer. The initial site survey highlighted problems with the slope of the site, water run off and poor drainage which flooded in heavy rain. The mature Yew tree on site was to be made more of a feature tree for summer shade.

This contract was many weeks of work by a team of four skilled and qualified landscapers, with many years experience. Constant communications took place with the customer and landscape architect as the works progressed. The site was cleared and the ground works put in place. There was many weeks of works that wouldn’t ever be seen, yet was the foundations to a successful scheme. Concrete footings were laid for the walling, stone sub bases for the paving, drainage systems incorporated to move water off the terraced area. All which were eventually hidden from view!

Once these were in place the Rylands team could move onto the construction of the timber terracing and pathways, brick walling and paved areas. The excited customers were keen to see the finished result as work progressed and the garden started to take shape.

The soil was a heavy loam so additives were incorporated in the form of composted wood chip and long life fertilizers to give the planting a good initial start. The border soiling was completed before the finished surfaces were laid on the paths, keeping any mess to a minimum. As the Rylands team worked out of the garden areas, keeping the newly laid areas free from foot traffic, turf was laid and any finishing touched undertaken to leave the newly landscaped garden a joy for the customers to behold. The Rylands Landscapers York team, left the scheme with a wave and a goodbye and the customers smiling faces.