Ponds, Streams and lakes by Ryland Horticulture Ltd.

Ponds, streams and lakes by Ryland Horticulture Ltd.

A selection of Ponds, streams and lakes designed and built by Rylands over the years. Fun to build and providing a lot of pleasure for our customers.

The initial excitement passes into the enjoyment of watching the water feature mature, with the addition of more wildlife into the garden.

Modern textiles and fabrics have been utilized in water feature construction and provide longer lasting liners and more flexibility in design and construction. 

There is an enormous variety of styles and construction methods along with aquatic plants and fish.

Ryland Horticulture Ltd. landscapers York, can design and build a water feature to your requirements. So if you fancy having a pond, stream or lake in your life, contact Rylands on 01904 799032.

Rockery style garden pond with waterfall and lawn edging for easy access.

A Selection of work from over the years..